Monday, 15 February 2016

Justice And Revenge: What's The Difference?


I was making a list of trauma suffered by victims of certain crimes. Those bitter experiences they undergo after becoming  the objects of heinous crimes. Then it suddenly down on me that these two words: Justice and Revenge keep coming up
on crimes such as rape, human trafficking and domestic abuse, forgery, adulteration and counterfeiting.

Every 'normal' human being would desire revenge or seek justice for crimes committed against themselves or their loved ones.

Which mother wouldn't want the bastards who gang raped her daughter to be brought to justice? Or is it revenge?

That moment when you find out that someone has been selling counterfeits of your products and services...and making lots of profits from it. The entertainment artists and marketers would know about this better. Would you rather forgive them or require that justice be carried out? Is that revenge or Justice?

Does emotions have a role to play in either of the two? Or is one a consequence of the the anger you felt at being defrauded of your hard earned money 419ners. And you feel used, foolish and angry.  You will want Justice of course -- or is it revenge?

Popular Nigerian musician, Tuface when referring to music pirates and what should be done to them said... 'They are criminals, just like the thieves we catch on the streets.' What happens to a thief when he is caught?
Revenge or Justice?

When do we begin to differentiate between revenge and Justice? Is there even a difference at all?

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