To encourage the development and enhance the appreciation and application of forensic science to solving crime in our society, most especially by relevant stakeholders.

To create and propagate insightful and educative awareness of the beneficial impact  of forensic science to our society.

1. Providing quality tips on crime prevention and control.
2. Creating insightful topics into the world of forensics.
3. Providing forensic consult to stakeholders.
4. Giving relevant up-to-date news  and latest scientific publication from the field of forensic science
5. Case news and review discussions.

Please note that blog posts reflect the personal views or opinions of the author (with efforts to made towards providing professional and/or scientific backing as often as possible) except otherwise stated.

Also, no pains will be spared to ensure that copyright infringements are avoided as possible. Contact the author to lay any complaints, advice, suggestions or inquiry. Efforts will be made to reply within the shortest time allowable by circumstance.

About The Owner
Name: Isaac Israel(aka Agent Zico)
Qualification: Industrial Chemistry (B. Tech), Forensic Science(MSc).
Country: Nigeria.
Passion: Forensics & Humanity
Quote: Forensics goes beyond investigating crimes and resolving civil matters. It is a force for good when applied correctly, especially from a humanitarian point of view.
Email: agentzico@gmail.com