Monday, 29 June 2015

Criminal Responsibility: Eligibility For Punishment

According to the Nigerian  criminal code, to be criminally responsible means "liable to punishment as for an offence". Also, criminal responsibility means "liability to punishment as for an offence". In other words, criminal responsibility is what 'qualifies' you for punishment of any criminal act or offense committed.
The first part of this topic will focus on some of those conditions that exempts you from being criminally responsible for any offence committed.
Firstly, a person is not criminally responsible if

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Many Fields Of Forensic Science

The world of forensics is very broad and includes many fields and subfields in science. This post intends to give a general overview to their applications. There is no order of priority of any kind that was followed. Consideration was only made to focus on important forensic applications

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Forensics: The Story Told By Crime

There is virtually no crime in the  world that Forensic Science cannot conclusively solve 'beyond a reasonable doubt'. This relatively known and developing science has been proven to unearth crime mysteries with staggering scientific precision and confident accuracy.
When presented in a court of law, evidences from Forensic Science has given
  the 'beyond a reasonable doubt' condition a greater lift and new definition.

Nailing The Rapist(1)

According to the Nigerian Sexual Offenses Law, rape is committed when there is an intentional or unlawful penetration of a person's genital organs:
A. Without that person's consent
B. When consent was obtained by force, threats or intimidation of any kind.
A simple explanation to this is that a rape is said to have occured on a person if he or she was penetrated through his or her sex organ without his or her approval irrespective of the circumstance.