Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Delete Sent Emails

You have composed and sent your email..and immediately regret hitting the 'send' button. oops! Your message has been sent! No going back. How many times have you been in that position? For me, countless times. In one occasion, I sent an email without
attaching a most relevant document.  For some, it may be a misspelt  word or a grammatical error or something they just overlooked. Good news! There's now a solution to solve this dilemm

A new application called Dmail developed by a tean from social site delicious for gmail accounts can now be used to destroy an already sent message anytime! Some features among others include..
1. Revoking access to an email by the sender to the receiver. The recipient will be unable to view the message. Even if the recipient has read the message before, it will not be for keeps the moment the sender changes their mind.
2. Secured email communication. Only the intended receiver can read the message because the it is encrypted.
3. Email received cannot be forwarded to other recipients.
4. Sender will have to install the  plugin on google chrome browser which becomes activated on their gmail account. The sender is given the option to send message using Dmail.
5. Any email account other than gmail can receive the message and need not install the plugin to receive the message .
6. Its secure.
7. Its free. You can send unlimited messages.

I think the most important among these features is the ability to set the time for an email to become unavailable to the recipient. In other words, after composing your message on gmail, you can set a time say 5 minutes, after which the email will "self destruct" . So a sensitive email for the eyes of the intended reciever only would less likely fall into unsafe hands. You can download the plugin here. And let's get your comments about it. Enjoy!