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17 Revealing Facts About Suicide Bombers And Suicide Bombing

There is no country that faces constant threat of terrorism that doesn't wish to see its end. I mean, the end of terrorism. Every nation that is battling with suicide bombers will do anything, give anything to experience some sort of peace. Imagine a world, a society without suicide bombers or terrorists!(I think it exists only on print.) What was the world like before terrorism...suicide bombing? 

In a previous article about what motivates suicide bombers to go suicide bombing, it dawned on me that we need to know to an extent what happens just before a  suicide bomber presses that bomb-plunger. 

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This article will be updated frequently to add to the list. Its a little attempt to piecing together some interesting facts and information about suicide bombers and their organizations. It might beat your imagination  but they are facts.

1. Since the 1980s most suicide bombers who complete their mission were secular.

2. Over 95 percent of terrorist attacks have a specific strategic goal... to compel modern democracies to withdraw combat forces from territories valued by the terrorists.

3. Less than 10 percent of terrorist organizations in the world use religion as their primary cause.

4. Poverty and lack of education are not the primary root causes of suicide terrorism.

5. The more educated members of terrorist organizations tend to take up roles involving intelligence, planning, recruitment and leadership.

6.  Depressions, impulsiveness and emotional instability are common  traits often suffered by would-be suicide bombers.

7. Revenge seekers are easily influenced into terrorism and becoming suicide bombers due to personal grief for the loss of loved ones.

8. The would-be suicide bomber is always made to believe his  ideologies  (his and that of the terrorist organization) are the same.

9. Before a suicide attack occurs, a target area, persons or infrastructure must have been identified and undergone surveillance  by terrorist reconnaissance personnel.

10. Suicide bombers are now trained in alternative strategy for maximum impact if obstacles alter the original plan.

11. Most twin suicide attacks are carried out by partner suicide bombers  who position themselves along the direction of human traffic escaping from the first blast scene.

12. A study showed that the extent of human injury from a suicide bomb blast depends on the shrapnel (amount of nails, metallic materials etc) usually wrapped around the explosive device for maximum impact.

13. The more evenly spread a crowd is, the greater the number of injured victims and extent of damage caused by  suicide bomb blasts.

14. A lie once told to some child suicide bombers about the bomb strapped around them was that the bomb will not affect them, it will only kill the unbelievers. 

15. The use of women and children in suicide attacks is now seen as the new most effective tactical trend strategic change by terrorist organizations because they are more likely to escape profiling from security agents than their adult male counterparts.

16. Terrorist organizations always capture the suicide bomber's "last will" suicide video as a no going back strategy. 

17. Suicide bombers otherwise known as "smart bombs" because they can change tactics at the last minute.

More to follow...

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