Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nigerian Case Files: Criminal And Civil Cases. (Coming Soon!)

Watching crime solving movies like the various CSI series, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, The Mentalist...  Forensic Files really caught mine keen attention.
With due regards to others, Forensic Files seems to be the only series that based its production on actual cases using both fictional and real characters to project the effectiveness of forensic science in solving crimes.

The idea behind producing Forensic Files was to interview the principals or related parties of a criminal case that forensic science was used or helped to solve. The documentary-styled movie featured interviews from  Forensic experts involved in the case, victims( still alive to tell the story) and their relations, police officers, criminal investigators and witnesses.
After watching an episode, you can't help having this feeling that forensics is the real hero of this case.

This got me thinking.., why not start something like Forensic Files? least the Nigerian version. Something real that will show Nigerians the benefits of embracing forensics. Something like, picking up a common crime or an old  case that has been dropped possibly for lack of clues or enough evidence to prosecute. Analyze this case using forensic intelligence and techniques and see what we got. The authorities might just benefit from the ideas that could be generated.  Who knows? A cold case can suddenly become red hot overnight!

This cannot be achieved alone. Nah! There are many sharp witted gurus out there with forensic inclination or even forensic experts in this country that we don't know of. If you are one of such and are interested in this project... Hit  contact form to reach out or use the comment box below to drop your ideas.

Most Nigerians don't know that a field called forensic science exists. Even if they do, they might not know it as forensics. The closest some can get to understand your explanation on forensics is when you mention the almighty DNA! .." that's what you mean abi? That thing they use to do to check whether a man is the actual father of a child?".

Nigeria is just beginning to embrace the forensic idea. Its a slow process but understandably so. We are in dire need of fully well equipped Forensic laboratories with adequately trained experts. Rome wasn't built in a day, so the saying goes. But we need to start from somewhere. Government will and commitment is key to realising and achieving the great potentials in this field. Nigeria is far behind south Africa  in forensic science compliance. They are reaping the benefits. The State vs Oscar Pistorius case is a good example.

Forensics is beyond DNA to determine paternity. It has been used to solve several criminal and civil cases such as murder, rape, theft, arson, locate clandestine graves, genocide, mass graves, mass and natural disasters, identify missing persons, to determining the time of death, identifying adulterated food products such as honey...disprove alibi, verify insurance claims (those that will intentionally bash their vehicles to claim insurance money)..the list is endless!

Once again, if you want to be part of this project, you can use the comment box below or use the contact form on the menu to reach out.
Help spread the Forensic word to colleagues, friends and family. Start with the list mentioned above on the capabilities of forensic science.

Nigerian Case Files! It can be a reckoned force for good in our great country!

This is not intended to jeopardize or usurp the activities of the law enforcement agencies. It is intended to be purely academic/scientific/advisory without prejudice.
Hence all comments are to be thus minded.