Friday, 23 October 2015

Would Knowledge Of Maximum Prison Sentence Deter The Would-be Rapist?

Every day rape is committed. The newspapers, radios and TVs  report cases daily. The internet is full of rape incidents. Headlines with stories such as Boko haram rape hundreds of female captives and 5 men gang raping 15-year old for two weeks  
  seems to be "common" news.

These days, we hear more disturbing headlines such as man allegedly rapes 13-year old boy, HIV positve Father raping his two daughters in India to a 41-year old man caught defiling 3-year old girl.

In Nigeria, sexual offenses act 2013 stipulates life imprisonment for rape without parole. Isn't that strong enough to make somebody with intention to commit rape think again?

Or is it that they are ignorant of the punishment? How can  someone throw caution to the wind and go ahead to carry out this crime fully knowing the consequences of their actions? Is life imprisonment not  punishment enough to discourage rape?

If  such people know that the punishment for rape is imprisonment for life, will they still go ahead with the act?
If more attention were given to publicity of stipulated punishments for rape, will it help to discourage the would-be rapist? 

Maybe that is the least part of it. What do you think?