Sunday, 7 August 2016

Crime In Nigeria: In Becoming Our Brother's Keeper


When we do not do what  we are supposed to do, people will suffer for it. People are being abused today. Everyday!  Many are raped, kidnapped, wrongly accused, victimised , marginalised, robbed, defrauded, cheated . It was done yesterday. Its is done today. It will be done tomorrow. It may never end. 

Yes. Many claim concern…many even show  it. We have NGOs, multiple charity foundations, human rights organizations. But how many of them are sincere? Where is the sincerity and passionate commitment in the fight against injustice, corruption, crime…?  You say, how do you know? The crime continues. Corruption continues. Injustice against the weak continues. The statistics are ever increasing! When will it end?
It’s a whole lot of complex that after going through this in your mind, you end up with headaches. There has to be a way….a different way of approaching crime issues. The appropriate manner of approach for everything involving injustice, impunity and outright abuse on fundamental human rights.

The law enforcement agents
The Forensic experts
The victims if alive or dead
The relatives and families and friends
The perpetrators …the guilty
You…the public

If we ever want to have sustainable peace and development and prosperity in our community, we- all of us, have to change the way we treat victims. Dead or alive!

The Law enforcement officers also have a responsible responsibility both to victims and perpetrators. In an ineffective system, criminals and perpetrators have ended up as victims in the hands of law enforcement. Yet, there have been recorded cases where perpetrators have willingly confessed to crimes and submitted themselves to justice- based on the right mental attitude displayed by law enforcement officers. Our lawyers and judges should be more open-minded to new methods of proving innocence and guilt such as using scientific evidences. There will always be first times of using new techniques in everything, be it our lives work. The courts should not be exempted.  

The laws our Legislators make as regards crime and justice must be humanity-minded, correctional.  An effective coroner or medico-legal system in Nigeria will ensure and uphold the victim’s dignity. When the citizens know that there are enforceable laws that will protect them dead or alive and punish those that violate them, don’t you think that will strengthen people’s trust in the justice system unlike what we have now?

 Government and policy makers must put selfish interest aside and put humanity in front.  It all shouldn’t be about monetary returns. Citizens’ dignity also has a return on investment. Patriotism. National pride. Willingness to die for my country!

 The public.. Yes we the public have a lot to do. We have responsibilities on our shoulders to carry. We have to change our attitude towards victims, perpetrators, the law enforcement agents, government and ourselves. We are not executors of justice no matter how the case may be. Willingness to come forward to tell what actually happen before a court of law is a role we should be ready to take. We should call our country’s emergency services number (Nigeria:112) more often when help is needed. Your first duty when you see someone lying lifeless on the ground is to call the nearest police station’s number or 112. Concerned persons who know that they can make a difference should come together and make efforts to change what is not going right in their community- be it dialogue with security agents, providing small jobs for the unemployed, collaborating with the local government officials or representing law makers.. We need to be true patriots. We should learn to speak with one voice and stand by it!

It is only at the altar of selfless service that true fulfillment is achieved.

Only then, will society begin to protect, nurture and seek the healing of those whom before they had victimised or marginalised.
Only then, will our law enforcement officers, prison service, judges and lawyers, take actions and make decisions that reflect objectivity and fairness.
Only then, will government, our  policy makers, put structures in place and dedicate resources into things that reflect sincere purpose that will foster quality peace, sustainable development such that will make us to want to die for our country.

Only then can we begin to feel and proclaim that we are truly one another’s keeper and our government is one that is of us, by us and for us. That is what we should fight for. That is what should drive us. That is what we should represent. That should be who we are. That is what we are….our brother’s keeper.