Friday, 10 March 2017

Nigerian Forensic Workshop 2017


Another milestone has been reached by the forensic team, University of Ibadan. They are organizing the 3rd Annual National Forensic Workshop 2017. It is an event for those that want to add forensic skills to their job description and experience.
The workshop aims to increase awareness on scientific techniques that can be applied to solve criminal and civil matters in Nigeria, thus adding strength and effectiveness to the nation's Justice system.

MAIN THEME: Forensic Science: The Emerging Solutions To Criminal Investigations In Nigeria.

The Keynote shall be given by the erudite lawyer, Barrister Festus Keyamo!

 SUB-THEMES: To be taken by professionals and capable resource experts
  1.  Challenges in the coroner’s law in nigeria
  2.  Drugs in suicides & homicide cases
  3.  Forensic investigation of electoral fraud in nigeria
  4.  Geo-forensic solutions to criminal investigations: a palynological approach
  5.  Forensic linguistics in criminal investigations
  6.  Effective crime scene management
  7. Forensic intelligence development from evidential materials 

 As long as you are interested, you are welcome to attend...private and public security and law enforcement personnel, lawyers, legislators, judges, forensic professionals, human rights NGO's, students, medical doctors e.t.c.

Date: Thursday and Friday 16-17th March, 2017
Venue: Lady Bank Anthony Hall, University of Ibadan.
Time: 10am daily.
Regular Fee : N20,000 which covers feeding, certificates and other workshop materials.

For booking details...

This forensics workshop is an opportunity to add forensic expert skills to your worklife as you would gain invaluable knowledge to make you forensic intelligent.

Every contact you make, leaves a trace...!

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